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beyondgotham's Journal

Terry McGinnis
PLEASE NOTE: I know that JLU established that Terry is Bruce Wayne's biological son in the episode 'Epilogue'. However, for various reasons, that plot point does not sit well with me and I would prefer it not be brought up in games. While it is still canon, I am playing Terry at a time before he knew about it. I would appreciate it if other characters where just in the dark about it as he is, and that it not be mentioned.

Terrance “Terry” McGinnis

Batman Beyond (cartoon)

Personality Outline: In many ways, Terry is just a normal teenaged boy. He is headstrong and rash, leaping into new experiences and conflicts without really thinking things out. When it comes to insults, he has a short fuse and is willing to duke it out with whoever insulted him. A bit of a troublemaker, he pays more attention to his peers then his teachers, and will often goof off instead of doing work. Likewise, put a pretty girl in front of him, and any hopes of getting him to focus have gone. When it comes to relationships, be they with friends or family, he will try his best to make them work. While his second identity may get in the way of these social ties, he is not one to abandon a friend when the going gets tough.

When he dons his suit, however, he might as well be a different person. As Batman, he has a strong moral compass, seeing the world in innocent white and corrupt black. He will do whatever it takes to protect the people of Gotham, even if it means breaking the Bat’s code of never killing. While he may not have the scientific genius of his predecessor, he makes up for it by following his gut feeling about people. He is difficult to be bought off or bribed, as he is motivated by vengeance and a need to prove himself.

Overall, he is an altruist, putting himself on the line for others. He likes to get what he wants, and won’t be discouraged by momentary setbacks. How he can switch so easily between happy-go-lucky kid and gruff vigilante is anyone’s guess – it could be multiple personality disorder, or just good acting.

He hates being referred to as the ‘New Robin’, or a sidekick, and maintains that he is now the only Batman.

Background: There was nothing special about Terrance McGinnis. He attended High School, lived back-and-forth between his divorced parents, put up with his little brother, and partied with his girlfriend. He was certainly not the cleanest of kids, and eventually wound up spending some time in juvenile hall, though after his incarceration, he cleaned up marginally. Everything changed one day when a Joker gang, a group of thugs dedicated to reliving the once infamous supervillain Joker, decided to harass his girlfriend. Anything but a coward, Terry tried to defend her, only to have the gang violently turn their focus to him. Knowing he couldn’t win against all of them, the young man took to the streets on his motorcycle. He was pursued through the city, and then cornered at the gates of a mansion at the edgy of town. He would have been decimated, had an old man with a large black guard dog not appeared at the gates. With the strength and skill of a person half his age, the old man beat the Jokerz into submission, forcing them to retreat.

Just after the gang left, however, the old man went into a fit, due to a heart condition. Terry, owing the man his life, helping him into the manor, learning that this man was none other then Bruce Wayne, the man that owned the largest company in Gotham.

Having helped the old Wayne into bed, Terry explored the grand old house. He soon came upon a library, which he would have simply passed by, had it not been for the sound coming from the grandfather clock on the far wall. In the clock, he saw a bat caught between the pendulums. He opened the clock, to let the small animal out, but instead triggered a mechanism, which swung the clock out, revealing a dim, long staircase. Curious, he followed the stairs, only to find himself in a huge underground cavern.

But that was not the most impressive thing about the hidden passage way – the most impressive was the glass cases by a wall, containing the well-known costumes of Robin, Batgirl, and Batman.

Fearful of what Wayne might do if he found Terry there, the young man quickly left the manor. When he arrived at his father’s home, however, he found only tragedy. The house was vandalized, with windows smashed, doors hanging on their hinges, and large, spray-painted letters, of ‘HA HA’ repeated over and over. Inside, his father, Warren, was dead – a victim of a Joker gang.

Terry, however, was not sure that it was just a random gang hit. With a bit of digging, he discovered that his father, an employee of Wayne Enterprises, had learned of a plot by the company’s current CEO, Derek Powers, to sell biological weapons to terrorists. Appalled by this news, Terrance returned to Wayne Manor, and urged Bruce to do something as Batman. The old man maintained that he was retired, and that things were better off that way.

This did not sit well with the boy. Enraged that Wayne would just sit idly by, he broke into the manor and stole a newer, more high-tech version of the Bat Suit. After a bit of detective work, he learned that his father was murdered at the order of Derek Powers, and that the bio-weapons were set to be shipped out. He attacked the ship carrying the weapons, and destroyed the cargo and Powers’ bodyguard, Fixx. At the same time, he also exposed Powers to the bio-weapons, which would affect his DNA and create the supervillain known as Blight.

After all this, Terry was surprised to learn that Bruce Wayne was willing to take him under his wing as the new Batman, using the cover of hiring him as a personal assistant as a favor to his deceased father. He then began a new legacy as the Batman of the Future.

This is a character journal for Terry McGinnis for use in roleplays. Terry and Batman are copyright DC Comics/the WB Television Network. I do not claim to own this character or his canon, and make no money off of this journal.