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Terry McGinnis
07 October 2011 @ 01:16 am
Terry McGinnis was a relatively normal kid growing up in Gotham, until he parents started going through a nasty divorce when he was in middle school. The constant fights were hard for the boy to go through, and he soon started looking for a family outside of his own. In his early teens, he became close friends with Charles “Big Time” Bigelow, a slightly older boy with a greedy streak and a knack for lock picking. Big Time slowly convinced Terry to join his gang – which wasn’t a hard task, as Terry was looking for the love and protection his family could no longer give him. As part of initiation, Terry had to partake in a breaking and entering. However, the police force showed up seconds after he entered through a window, and many members of the gang were arrested. Still a minor, Terry was given three months in juvenile detention, while the rest of the gang went to federal prison. When he was released, Terry cut contact with the gang, moved into his dad’s apartment full-time, and tried to straighten out.

Everything went moderately well until one day a Jokerz gang, a group of thugs dedicated to reviving the legacy of the once infamous supervillain The Joker, harassed a group of people in front of Terry. Anything but a coward, Terry tried to fight off the gang, to protect innocent bystanders. Knowing he couldn’t win against all of them, the young man took to the streets on one of the thug’s motorcycles, and was pursued to a mansion on the edge of town. Cornered and outnumbered, he likely would not have survived, where it not for the sudden appearance of an old man, who fought off the gang with the strength of a man half his age.

Just after the gang left, however, the old man’s heart condition sent him into a fit. Terry, owing the man his life, helping him into the manor, learning that this man was none other then Bruce Wayne, the man that co-owned the largest company in Gotham, and his father’s employer.

Having helped the old Wayne with his medication, Terry tried to call his father to pick him up, but got no answer. As he headed out of the manor, he got a little lost, ending up in a room with a grandfather clock, a bat somehow caught in it. He opened the clock to let the small animal out, but instead triggered a mechanism, opening a secret passage of stairs. Curious, he followed the stairs, only to find himself in a huge underground cavern. In this cavern was a case containing the costumes of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl – superheroes he had only ever heard stories about.

Before he got a chance to have a closer look, Wayne found him and threw him out. When he arrived at his father’s home, he found police cars and an ambulance waiting there. The house was vandalized, with windows smashed, doors hanging on their hinges, and large, spray-painted letters, of ‘HA HA’ repeated over and over. Inside, his father, Warren, was dead – a victim of a Joker gang robbery gone wrong.

However, Terry was not sure that it was just a random gang hit. With a bit of digging, he discovered that his father, an employee of Wayne Enterprises, had learned of a plot by the company’s current CEO, Derek Powers, to sell biological weapons to terrorists. Appalled by this news, Terry returned to Wayne Manor, and urged Wayne to do something as both the company’s owner and the former Batman.

When the old man refused to get involved, Terry broke into the manor and stole a newer, more high-tech version of the Bat Suit. After a bit of detective work, he learned that his father was murdered at the order of Derek Powers, and that the bio-weapons were set to be shipped out. He attacked the ship carrying the weapons, and destroying the cargo. At the same time, he also exposed Powers to the bio-weapons, which would affect his DNA and create the radioactive supervillain known as Blight.

After all this, Terry was surprised to learn that Bruce Wayne was willing to take him under his wing as the new Batman, using the cover of hiring him as a personal assistant as a favor to his deceased father. He then began a new legacy as the Batman of the Future.
Terry McGinnis
31 October 2009 @ 04:54 pm
So, I've been rping Terry here for over a year now. And never really used this journal for out-of-game purposes. Hn. But that's not important right now. What IS important is that I've always had a hard time finding icons for this and my other journal. So, I decided to be helpful to any other Terry rpers, and put up all of the icons I've made for myself on lj.

You can find them here, on my ooc journal.

Anyone is free to take them, and I don't require you to credit the icons to me. I just wanted to give a hand to other Terry rpers. :3
09 September 2008 @ 04:52 pm
Now Terry has more ways to express himself!
21 July 2008 @ 11:08 am
While playing alongside Terry, you may notice some unique slang. Here will be a simple list of those words, and their basic meaning.

Shway - used to denote interest; akin to 'cool' or 'awesome'
Twip - conveys announce. Most likely a linguistic evolution of 'twerp' and 'twit'
Slag - expletive used as both a noun and a verb. Can carry more meaning depending on tone.
Dreg - used as an insult to those who lack ambition or status; a lowlife
Spud - used as an insult to those who lack motivation or are lazy; a deadbeat
Credits - slang for the currency system in future Gotham.
Frag - can be used as both a verb and an adjective. Means both 'to kill' and 'dead'